Next Generation Hospitality Software

LosjiTech helps scale businesses for front desk-less and contactless future of hospitality operations, by creating an integrated PMS, Ticketing System and Knowledge Base.

We have developed a future-proof Ticketing System and Knowledge Base tailor-made for hospitality operations. LosjiTech pulls data directly from your PMS, and blends operative and guest data, to equip you with valuable operative data.

Ticketing System

  • Assign a ticket to two people: One for on-site use and one for the back-office to keep track of tickets.

  • Connect to reservation, guest and unit information out of the box, via PMS connection (API integration).

  • Assign multiple issues per ticket to easy group problems, and distribute these to the right department.

Knowledge Base

  • Create, update, and store all your processes, policies, and property information in our easily searchable Central Knowledge Base (KDB).

  • Supply your on-site and remote staff with the most accurate and up to date information to deliver quality guest services.

  • Retain operational know-how from long-term employees as specific articles, making onboarding of new staff a breeze.

We are currently building a PMS that will maximize the way you can sell and manage a mixed inventory.

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