Frequently Asked Questions

LosjiTech is an Operational Management Platform for short term rentals, hotels, apartment hotels and vacation resorts. Our platform is tailored to the hospitality industry, consisting (for now) of a central knowledge base and integrated ticketing system with advanced search functionality that is synced with your PMS.     

The result is that it can pull relevant guest information and data from your PMS into the operational platform, allowing your staff to combine and utilize all relevant information in one place. By combining your existing PMS information with the expanded information stored in the knowledge base, we can offer a powerful management tool.

The system aims to help professional Airbnb hosts and hospitality companies streamline their customer service, sales and staff training. With LosjiTech, you will be able to handle your customer service issues and guest relations without questioning another guest’s query. Vastly increase your staff’s ability to troubleshoot issues without assigning expensive onsite assistance. Keep your guests updated on the status of tickets and allow guests access to extensive amounts of information to support the increasing demand for self-help reservations.

Contact our team directly, and we will assist in setting up an account. It is easy to get started with our operations platform. We also have a dedicated tool designed to support the onboarding of information.

Our customer success team will help you get started, supporting your team every step of the way. Making your team LosjiTech-ready without delay. Once your operations team gather the relevant information needed, you will begin to see how the immense, long lasting benefits allow your business to scale at a rapid rate.

LosjiTech does not currently have a mobile app. But we are fully mobile compatible, so you can use our software on any device, on any browser.

There is no limit to how many users you can onboard to LosjiTech. Our billing is strictly based on how many units you are supporting with LosjiTech.

Yes we do, our cancellation policy is 30 days from your written notification.

LosjiTech is a SaaS application. So you will be able to access LosjiTech anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

LosjiTech works across all hospitality teams, allowing cross-department management. Our operational management system will help consolidate all information concerning your properties and units, so all departments can provide excellent service to your guests.

We have just launched the MVP of operational management platform. We are launching with a hospitality-focused knowledge base and ticketing system to help your agents provide the best responses. We’ve also created a specialized tool designed for the onboarding of information.

AI Assistant: $2.99 per unit, per month
Operations Platform (OPS): $4.99 per unit, per month


For now, we will send you our invoice where you can process payment online either through Stripe or Paypal.