Mixed Inventory PMS

LosjiTech PMS helps maximize the way you can sell inventory, serving a wide range of inventory distribution strategies across:

  • Vacation rentals (single homes)
  • STR apartments 
  • Corporate housing via contract-based sales 
  • Flex rentals via landlords for 90+ day stays
  • Condo hotel management via individual owners for short-term stays

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Ticketing System

  • Assign a ticket to two people: One for on-site use and one for the back-office to keep track of tickets

  • Tickets sorted by customer service, housekeeping, internal and external maintenance (3rd party) for insightful reporting

  • Simplified SLA for tracking and timely completion of issues

  • Seamless guest communications directly from the ticket for timely updates and 5-star guest service

  • Combining this with quality operational processes will result in valuable data and insights about your inventory and product, allowing you to scale

Knowledge Base

Quickly accessing property information and their amenities is important in day-to-day guest support. Keep all of this data in the Knowledge Base, so  guest service agents across the globe can provide this information to guests in seconds.

Our easily searchable Knowledge Base allows you to store:

  • Informational and process articles 
  • Process diagrams and flowcharts within articles 
  • Store images and videos for internal use and sharing with guests
  • Templated messages with pre-made information for guests

Unit Grouping

  • Categorize properties into unlimited configurations that best suit your business structure and operational needs. Tag by city, property, building, unit, or custom tags to make it easier to pull out information based on grouping types

  • Easily cascade information from a top-level unit in a category, to the rest of unit inside the same category, eliminating the need to manually enter repeated information in each unit

Global and Local Search

Find information quickly with the platform’s powerful search capabilities. Our Global search will provide results across Tickets, Articles, Reservations, Customers, while our local search allows to easily locate items within that module (e.g. within tickets or articles).

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